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Beyond What's Possible In Words

SHE Photography helps entrepreneurs expand their online presence through exquisite, artistically crafted commercial and portrait photography.

A logo is no longer enough in the world of social media. Each of us is our brand! Founded with entrepreneurial spirit, SHE Photography helps you craft a portfolio of images that most effectively communicates who you are and what you offer, which will ultimately attract the client loyalty you deserve!

Let Us Capture Your Story
Chantal Pierrat in conversation with Janet Mock at Emerging Wome

Emerging Women Live 2016

It was an honor to sit front row center, camera in hand, photographing some of the most inspiring and fascinating women I know.   At moments  I had to catch my breath, I’d admire my own body (as it worked almost intuitively with my camera) and found myself  in a state…

Aaron Pava, Henry Poole, Civic Actions

CivicActions, a company built on culture

It’s a hot day in Vegas, there are musicians jamming, food and drinks being consumed and mind boggling deep and meaningful conversations happening all around me.  I’m at the CivicActions annual company retreat in Las Vegas.  Yes, the team is  hard at work, and I am engaging each employing while…