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SHE Photography helps entrepreneurs expand their online presence through high end, commercial and personal branding photography.

A logo is no longer enough in the world of social media. Each of us is our brand! Founded with entrepreneurial spirit, SHE Photography helps you craft a portfolio of images that most effectively communicates who you are and what you offer, while capturing your unique essence. These high end quality images will attract the client loyalty you want and deserve!

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Elevate Your Image Personal Branding Photography Workshops

Need new photos for your website, social media, and marketing?  Feel like you don’t have your branding and messaging nailed enough to commit to a full day?  Or, are you interested in incorporating photography (headshots and branding photos) to your existing event? We have created a solution for  entrepreneurial women…

Personal Branding and Brand Positioning

Personal Branding and Brand Positioning: People buy from brands they know and trust. By creating a trustable website and delivering eye-catching marketing materials, your clients experience the value you offer. By creating material targeted to your ideal client, by speaking to them through your materials, you control the percieved value…

Mixing business w/ pleasure at Mar de Jade, Chacala Mexico

I had the opportunity to spend a week mixing business w/ pleasure at the beautiful and serene Mar de Jade, Chacala Mexico!  Mar de Jade is a Yoga, Wellness & Vacation Retreat Center located between the  jungle and the remote beach of Chacala, México.  Mar de Jade is a quiet…